About Us

Business managers and executives require intelligent, capable people. When they’re missing performance targets, they need the right people quickly! Today’s top-performing candidates are accomplishing the work for someone else that you want done for you, and their employers are eager to keep them. Thus, because of the low unemployment levels, candidates must be approached by a proven professional who can sell your opportunity, pre-qualify them to your specifications, and then assist you throughout the interview process.
We are experienced in finding professionals for direct hire assignments. It’s all about solving your business challenges. Contact us today for a confidential review of your recruitment needs.


Candidates who want to be considered for our search assignments should submit a resume and brief information regarding employment status and top career interests.
Of course, information such as your name, resume, and employer name are not shared with anyone without your prior approval (we like to solve challenges – not create them). Today’s job market looks lean yet; more than ever, businesses are still in need of the right people.
Are you one of those? How you present yourself in all stages of the job-search process will determine if you’re seen as simply another applicant or as top talent! Visit our Candidate Training section to learn more about landing the job you want!
Geographic locations and Industry Focus:
  • Experienced in US-wide assignments as well as International expatriate and non-expatriate assignments
  • Specializing in industrial companies with emphasis on the Life Sciences Industries.

You test your product effectiveness; why not test your interviewing effectiveness too?

Let us conduct a complimentary interview evaluation for you to see how well you’re selling candidates on your company and your opportunity.