We craft our professional search and recruiting services to support a simple philosophy: businesses can accomplish almost anything if they have the right people on board.

Anyone can find a “body”; we’re known for finding the right people in a timely manner.

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Bruce and Associates specializes in recruiting professionals in the life sciences industries, industrial companies, and business located on the Wasatch Front. Learn more at the Specialties section of the website.

As a volunteer and a paid professional, Teresa Bruce has valuable insight and skills to offer non-profit organizations. Having experience on both sides of the aisle has given her the ability to see the intricate workings of non-profits from a volunteer perspective and from the administrative side as well.

If you are interested in one-time consultation or on-going services, Bruce and Associates, LLC can tailor fit a program to meet your needs and budget. Contact Teresa using the form on the right side of your screen.

How can we help YOUR non-profit association?

  • Membership Consultation – Recruitment and Retention
  • Fundraising – Pledge Campaigns, Capital Fund Campaigns
  • Administrative Assistance and Organization
  • Leadership Development
  • Member Recognition/Appreciation
  • Special Event Planning

About Us

Bruce & Associates, LLC was formed in 2009 with the objective of strengthening the ability of our clients to achieve their strategic objectives. We focus on the human solutions necessary to help companies overcome the business challenge created when results don’t equal or exceed objectives!
Our experience has proven that even the most daunting business challenges can be overcome by human solutions; that is, by the contracting or direct-hiring of the professionals with the right expertise.

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    You test your product effectiveness; why not test your interviewing effectiveness too?

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